Why do I need a website?

by Jordan Mingle

Posted on August 9th, 2018 at 8:01 AM


Reasons why you need a website?

First of all there are several reasons why you should invest the money in a website for your business. Therefore in this blog posting I will give you five good reasons about why you should do exactly this.

1. More customers

Billions of users browse the internet across the world on a daily basis and by promoting your business through a website, you will be able to reach a good percentage of that market. Besides that a profound percentage of those users are browsing the internet through mobile devices. If you’re a designer like me, you’re going to focus on what matters most and that’s engaging with as many visitors as possible.

2. Business value

Owning/Operating a website for your business can essentially add business value through marketing, social networking, future business equity, and sales. There are a high percentage of internet users that shop online and that is a great way to get exposure for your business name and/or products. Over time your brand name and/or products will increase in value based on how many people you can engage with and capture the attention of over time. It’s all about creating connections with other businesses and consumers even more so than making instant money.

3. Gives you more of a voice

The internet is a world where you can write about what you need to, judgement free. Furthermore this free world gives you a voice and an opportunity to successfully advertise to your target audience. Although the internet is a free world, you should target the audience that pertains to your product or service. By configuring your site properly, the sky is the limit on what you can do with reaching your audience. As a result if you reach your audience properly, you will prosper.

4. 24 hours per day advertising

Above all your site is displayed 24/7 without any other required effort or hours from you. Due to that fact you can always be there to reach your customers and securely.

5. Show off your work

Certainly your company has taken tons of time and effort to be put together therefore it is the time to show off your hard work by displaying it elegantly on your site. Take pride in your work, customers will be drawn to you.


While these are just a few reasons why you must have a website for your business, bear in mind there are many more. In conclusion, let’s get you out and onto the web today!